Zero Waste Vendors


Mother and Nature was created by Lindsay Piché as a passion project, founded after the birth of her first child. Lindsay wanted functional, multi purpose baby items which aligned with her eco conscious family goals, and kept coming up short. So she took matters into her own hands, dusted off her sewing machine, and Mother and Nature was born as she was finding her way as a new mother.

It turned out to be so much more than that as she found herself challenged by postpartum depression and anxiety. Sewing and sharing eco friendly parenting became a light in a very dark period of her life. The products she made and used became staples in her life as a mother and she wanted to share that with others. Mother and Nature also expanded its focus to include educating others on eco friendly parenting choices, including cloth diapering. It's been incredibly rewarding to make a positive impact on new parents, and to date, Mother and Nature has saved over 100,000 single use products from landfill.


Earth Love founder, Sarah Valiant, has always had a passion for helping the
environment. However, it wasn’t until she had her daughter that she realized she
needed to take more serious action as she believes that our children have the right to inherit an earth that has been loved, not destroyed.

Earth Love is an all natural cleaning supply line that is packaged in 100% compostable materials. All of our products are in the form of tablets which allows for easy storage, transportation and usage. Our product line includes Laundry Detergent, All-Purpose Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner & Dishwasher tablets.

Plastic consumption is destroying our oceans, it is up to us to provide a better option without sacrificing product quality. We hope you will work with Earth Love to help consumers adopt a zero waste way of life.


In 2013, Leah's first baby was born, and she was so excited to start cloth diapering. But she soon realized that her baby’s skin was quite sensitive to disposable wipes, not to mention that she was throwing away those wipes at an alarming rate! This gave her an idea… 

Leah sewed up her first batch of flannel wipes and loved them so much that she made a set for another new mom. They loved them too! So, she thought "what else are we throwing away that could simply be replaced with something more eco-friendly?!" Cheeks Ahoy now offer a full line of household cloth reusables with the goal of helping families care for the environment, while also saving money. 

Each item made is sewn with love and care right here in Peterborough, Ontario.