Baby & Children's Gear + Toys – Beeja May

Baby & Children's Gear + Toys

Schedule a pick-up with us and we can pick up your secondhand clothes, books, toys and gear!

We've partnered with Little Traders to give your pre-loved baby gear and toys a second life!

If you have a minimum of 10 items or a payout value of ~$100, let us know when scheduling a pick-up.  You will receive an email from Little Traders to coordinate and we'll pick-up both your clothing and toys, all within the same pick-up!

Little Traders accept the following:

  • Activity Centers, Jumpers and Swings
  • Bassinets
  • Closed circuit or unopened Breast pumps
  • Cribs (sold from sellers home)
  • Gliders, Kids Beds, Change Tables, Dressers (sold from sellers home) 
  • High Chairs, Booster Seats and Feeding Gear
  • Floor Seats
  • Gyms & Playmats
  • Monitors & Electronics
  • Pack n' Plays & Travel Cribs
  • Scooters, Wagons, Cars, Bikes
  • Strollers of all kinds
  • Stroller Accessories
  • Toys
  • Walkers


Little Traders does not accept the following:
  • Car Seats
  • Broken/Recalled items
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Change pads
  • Items that have reached the end of their useable life



  • A minimum of 10 items required in order to qualify for a free pick-up
  • Please follow our pick-up do's and don'ts and pack and label items sold to Little Traders separately
  • All items sold with Little Traders are sold on consignment
  • Little Traders will coordinate payout estimate and payment directly with sellers
  • Little Trader's condition ranking + payout price