Sell to Us (Adult - Quick + Easy) – Beeja May

Sell to Us (Adult - Quick + Easy)

1. Check to see what we accept

  • We accept items in like new condition only, freshly laundered, free of pet hair and odors, and without obvious signs of wear
  • What We Accept


2. Fill out the Terms + Conditions for the Quick + Easy Process

  • This form is mandatory. A pick-up will only be scheduled after the terms + conditions have been agreed to
  • Only 10% of purchased items can be retrieved 

3. Email us to schedule a pick-up or order a Beeja Bound Bag
  • Email:
  • Within pick-up boundaries: we'll provide you with a link to schedule your pick-up
  • Outside pick-up boundaries: we'll provide you with a bag to fill up and mail to us
  • All items must meet our criteria
  • All items must be in like new or new with tag condition
  • We require a minimum number of 15 qualified items

4. We inspect the clothes

  • Within pick-up boundaries: pack up your clothes, leave it by your front door or with your concierge/security on the day of pick-up. We'll notify you once the items have been picked up
  • Outside pick-up boundaries: we'll notify you once we receive your clothes.  
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks from the time we receive the clothes for our team to inspect and email you a purchase sheet
  • We will try our best to respond as soon as we can, but timing will vary depending on the number of forms we receive


5. If items pass our inspection, you will receive cash or store credit (+ 20%) 

  • Items listed over $100 will be listed for consignment website
  • Learn about Payout Prices here
  • Once we've completed our inspection, we will send you the funds in your preferred method of payment
  • Consignment items will proceed as per information below


*Items for Consignment

  • Consignment period is for 90 days, unless otherwise agreed upon
  • Payout will be made within 14 days from the shipping date, unless there are more than two (2) items up for consignment, in which case, we will pay you once all items have been sold (or at the end of consignment period, whichever occurs first)
  • Unsold items to be picked up by consignor (East York location) or can be shipped to you for a fee
  • Items not picked-up within two (2) weeks of the consignment deadline will be donated on your behalf to a local charity group


Effective: Feb 9, 2021