Some notes:

  • Please respond to the purchase sheet within 1 week, otherwise a store credit will be sent to you and items not accepted will be donated to charity.
  • Items not accepted will be donated to local charity unless seller specifices when scheduling drop-off/pickup that items will be picked up
  • We are currently donating to The Scott Mission and New Circles.

Got questions? We got answers!

Once we receive your items, our team will carefully inspect them. We will then send you an email with an itemized list of what we are purchasing and the payout price. At that point, you can choose to receive a cash payout, store credit (with 20%) or donate the proceeds. We payout upfront, so no need to wait for your items to sell!

Depending on the number of items you are selling, please allow our team a few weeks of processing time.

You are welcome to pick up any items we do not accept from our office located in Leslieville, Toronto. Alternatively, we can donate them on your behalf to local charity organizations. If you would like your items back, make sure to let us know when scheduling your drop-off/pickup.

Our pickup window is from 9AM - 5PM. The specific time slots are for scheduling purposes only. Due to factors beyond our control (i.e. traffic, weather, number of pickups, location of pickups), we are not able to provide specific time frames for your scheduled pickup.

Our payout price takes into consideration the estimated retail price, quality, age and style of item, and the items in our existing inventory. Check out Payout Price (Kids), Payout Price (Toys) and Payout Price (Adult) for more details.

Ensure that all the clothes you are selling meet our quality standards and follow these next steps:

1. You will receive a calendar invite from us, please accept the invite so it's in both our calendars

2. Before your scheduled pick up, please follow the instructions found here

3. A note will be sent to you once the clothes have been picked-up.

4. Allow approximately 3-4 weeks for us to inspect and send you a purchase sheet. If there are 70+ items to sell it may take longer, we appreciate your patience!

If you need to reschedule, please email us at at your earliest convenience or reschedule through the appointment confirmation email you receive.

Please decline the calendar invite and email us at as soon as possible.

No, an inspection fee does NOT apply to all pick-ups.  We have only recently implemented this as we have been receiving large amounts of clothes and items that are clearly not in resale condition and do not meet our quality standards.  If the majority (50%+) of the items clearly do not meet our quality standards, we reserve the right to charge a discretionary fee that will be deducted from the payout price.  The intent of the inspection fee is not to earn an extra fee, but to encourage sellers to do a cursory check of all their items prior to handing them over to us and that they are items we currently accept.

For security reasons, our drivers do not enter into residences.  If you are in a condominium/apartment building, we can only pick up the clothes from the main floor and concierge/security. If there is no concierge/security at your building and you do not feel comfortable leaving the clothes on the main floor unsupervised, leave us instructions to call you 10-15 minutes before we arrive and you can bring down the clothes at that time.  Please leave us detailed instructions when booking the pick-up

You can schedule a time to drop off at one of our drop-off locations! Learn more here.

Alternatively, email us ( and we will send you a pre-paid shipping label. The shipping fee will be deducted from your final payout, so no upfront costs to you!

Acknowledgements & Disclaimers

  • Beeja May reserves the right to refuse service to any seller or customer at its sole discretion.
  • Beeja May may charge an inspection fee (deducted from the payout price) if more than 50% of items inspected do not meet our criteria, if less than 35 items were picked up, or for missed pick-ups.
  • Following review of the purchase sheet, sellers may decide to not sell specific or individual items (up to 10% of items purchased), but understands that once items have been inspected and priced, Beeja May will own all inventory it decides to purchase
  • By scheduling a pickup or drop-off with Beeja May, seller acknowledges that they have read, understood and are in agreement with Beeja May's payout prices and buying criteria.
  • If seller does not respond by indicating the form of payment they would like to receive within 1 week from the date the purchase sheet is sent, sellers will automatically receive a store credit and un-purchased clothes will be donated to local charity. 
  • If clothing items are not packed as per instructions on the Pick-up Do's + Don'ts page, Beeja May and its affiliates/employees are not responsible for lost content.
  • What is accepted is up to the sole discretion of Beeja May and will be dependent on current market supply and demand. Beeja May will not be able to provide lists of items not accepted.
  • Beeja May reserves the right to change/revise/alter any of its selling policy at any time, at its sole discretion.