How it works

Want an easy way to declutter while knowing that all your pre-loved clothes will be loved by families in Canada? We gotcha. Best part - you can even make a bit of money along the way! Here's how:

Schedule a pick-up or a drop-off (Beeja May office in Leslieville or Kafe Dáki at St. Clair West). Our team will inspect your clothes and then EMT you cash!

1. Gather your clothes

Please review:

Once you have a minimum of 35 items that meet our criteria*, launder and pack your clothes for pick-up or drop-off.

If you're curious about our payout, we encourage sellers to review the links above or email us for a payout estimate prior to us receiving your clothes.* 

2. Schedule a pick-up or drop-off

We offer free pick-up services if you live within our free pick-up zones (see map below).  You can also schedule a time to drop off your clothes at our Toronto office.

Scheduling a pick-up

We pick up every other Wednesday between 9AM - 5PM. On the day of your pick-up, leave the packed clothes by your front door or with concierge.  Our team will notify you once your clothes have been picked- up. Please ensure that all bags/boxes of clothes are labeled as per Pick-up Do's + Don'ts

Scheduling a drop-off

Book a timeslot to to drop-off one of our drop-off locations. Detailed instructions and address can be found at the link below. 

3. We inspect the clothes + EMT you cash 

Once our team has completed a detailed inspection, we email you a purchase sheet and options for payment (cash via EMT, store credit + 20%, or donation to local charity).

Items not accepted by Beeja May

Items we do not accept are donated to local charity unless seller specifies when scheduling the pickup (on the online form) that they would like to pick them up from our Toronto office. Items must be picked up within 2 weeks from the date the purchase sheet is sent. Otherwise the clothes will be automatically donated on your behalf to local charity (New Circles/The Scott Mission).

We are currently only purchasing kids and maternity/nursing clothes. We no longer accept regular women's wear. If women's clothing are received, they will automatically be donated to local charity.

Response from sellers

If we do not receive a response from the seller within 1 week from the date the purchase sheet is sent, sellers will automatically receive a store credit and un-purchased clothes will be donated to local charity. 

Processing time

We try our best to inspect and process your clothes within 3-4 weeks, but timing will vary depending on the amount of clothes we receive that week. 


Beeja May reserves the right to refuse service to any seller or customer at its sole discretion.

Beeja May reserves the right to refuse any items at its sole discretion.

Beeja May will charge an inspection fee (deducted from the payout price) if more than 50% of items collected do not meet our criteria, or if there are less than 35 qualified items.

Sellers may decide to not sell specific or individual items (up to 10% of items purchased) following review of purchase sheet but understands that once clothing is picked up by Beeja May or dropped off at their office, Beeja May will own all inventory it decides to purchase.

By scheduling a pickup or drop-off with us, sellers acknowledge that they have read, understood and are in agreement with the Beeja May's payout prices (kids + maternity/nursing) and buying criteria

If seller does not respond by indicating the form of payment they would like to receive within week from the date the purchase sheet is sent, sellers will automatically receive a store credit and un-purchased clothes will be donated to local charity. 

If clothing items are not packed as per instructions on the Pick-up Do's + Don'ts page, Beeja May and its affiliates/employees are not responsible for lost content.

What is accepted is up to the sole discretion of Beeja May and will be dependent on current market supply and demand. Beeja May will not be able to provide lists of items not accepted.

Beeja May reserves the right to change/revise/alter any of its selling policy at any time, at its sole discretion.



Last updated: July 13, 2022. Effective July 14, 2022.