Our Story

The name Beeja May comes from a meaningful place. Beeja (bee-ja) is Hindi for "the beginning" and May is the birth month of our baby girl. Together the words represent both a second life for used clothing, and a new chapter for us as parents.

Like many North Americans, we grew up in immigrant families with very little. We were constantly reminded to not “waste money” (why would you buy bottled water when there is free water at home?) and taught values of practicality and sensibility.

When we became parents, we started taking hand-me-downs from friends and family and dressed our baby in pre-loved clothing. We were taught values of practicality and responsibility long before vintage and sustainable fashion became cool.

Quickly, we realized that there was a lack of convenient ways for parents to purchase gently-used baby clothes. This is why we founded Beeja May; we wanted to provide a better way for parents to purchase pre-loved children’s clothing.

We also wanted to do our part, and leave the world in a better place. Purchasing secondhand helps the world in some small way. Beeja May is committed to partnering with local charities that focus on giving back to marginalized groups in the community we grew up in.

Welcome to Beeja May, you can feel good about shopping here.