Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I want to purchase an item before it's gone but I still want to keep browsing, what should I do?

A: We now offer a Hold service that can help with this!  When checking out, type "HOLD" in the text box.  After you complete the order, we will hold your order for 1 week. For subsequent orders made within the next 7 days, type "COMBINE + DONE" in the text box if you are done shopping and we will combine additional orders to reduce shipping fees. If you want to continue shopping and make additional orders, type "COMBINE + HOLD" and we will continue to hold as long as the order(s) is made before the deadline (see below).  If the combined orders is $50+, shipping is free!


Date of purchase Deadline for additional orders
Anytime on Monday Monday at 9 PM
Anytime on Tuesday Tuesday at 9 PM
Anytime on Wednesday Wednesday at 9 PM
Anytime on Thursday Thursday at 9 PM
Anytime on Friday Friday at 9 PM
Anytime on Saturday Saturday at 9 PM
Anytime on Sunday  Sunday at 9 PM


If no additional orders are made within the 7 days, we will automatically ship your order without adjusting shipping fees. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made.  The order(s) will move on to be fulfilled and shipped out accordingly.

If orders are made after the deadline, we will always try our best to combine the shipping if it's possible however we can not make any guarantees.

*Please allow 24-48 hrs for shipping fee refunds*


Q: I want to make a purchase but don't qualify for free shipping.  Do you offer free local (Toronto) pick-up?

A: Unfortunately, we will no longer offer local pick-up. 

Q: The clothes I purchased seem very clean! Do I still need to wash it, or have you already laundered the clothes?

A:  We ask our sellers to clean the clothes before selling to us, however, we would still recommend you clean the clothes before wearing.

Q: How often do you load new arrivals?

A: We currently load new arrivals three times a week, but we are working towards loading more!  If you don't want to miss out, head over to the bottom of our home page and sign up for email updates. We will notify you when new arrivals are here!

Q: What is the difference between "Like New" and "Gently Used" products?

A: Check out our "Decoded: Item Conditions" page to find out!



Q: Are you accepting socks or toys?

A: Unfortunately at this time we are not accepting used socks (we do accept brand new socks) or toys, but please check back as we are constantly looking to expand our product offerings! Check out our What We Accept page to see what we are (and aren't accepting).

Q: How is the payout price determined?

A: Our payout price takes into consideration the estimated retail price, quality, age and style of item, and the items in our existing inventory. The payout price ranges from 7% to 30+% of our sale price, however we cannot guarantee payout until we evaluate the item(s) in person. 

For more information on our payout structure, please visit Payout Price.

Q: I've scheduled my pick-up appointment, now what?

A: Ensure that all the clothes you are selling meet our quality standards and follow these next steps:

  1. You will receive a calendar invite from us, please accept the invite so it's in both our calendars
  2. Before your scheduled pick up, label the boxes/bags of clothes "To: Beeja May"
  3. Clearly print your name on the boxes/bags and label the boxes/bags if there is more than one (1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc.)
  4. Have clothes ready by the door or with concierge before your scheduled appointment time (no need for you to be home!)
  5. A note will be sent to you once the clothes have been picked-up.
  6. Allow approximately 3-4 weeks for us to inspect and send you a purchase sheet. If there are 70+ items to sell it may take longer, we appreciate your patience!

If you need to reschedule, please email us at at your earliest convenience.

Q: I scheduled a pick-up but I need to cancel, what do I do?

A: Please decline the calendar invite and email us at as soon as possible.

Q: What is an inspection fee, and does it apply to all pick-ups?

ANo, an inspection fee does NOT apply to all pick-ups.  We have only recently implemented this as we have been receiving large amounts of clothes and items that are clearly not in resale condition and do not meet our quality standards.  If the majority (50%+) of the items clearly do not meet our quality standards, we reserve the right to charge a discretionary fee that will be deducted from the payout price.  The intent of the inspection fee is not to earn an extra fee, but to discourage people from taking advantage of our free pick-up service.

Q: I want to schedule a pick-up but live in a building without concierge or security, what should I do?

A: For security reasons, our drivers do not enter into residences.  If you are in a condominium/apartment building, we can only pick up the clothes from the main floor and concierge/security. If there is no concierge/security at your building and you do not feel comfortable leaving the clothes on the main floor unsupervised, leave us instructions to call you 10-15 minutes before we arrive and you can bring down the clothes at that time.  Please leave us detailed instructions when booking the pick-up

Q: I live outside the free pick-up zone.  Can I drop off the clothes and avoid the $10 pick-up fee?

A: Please email us directly at  


Thank you!