Item Condition

Condition: New with Tag

  • What does that mean?: Exactly what it sounds like! These clothes are new with the original retail tags still attached. 
  • Discount: New with Tag items are listed at a higher price point than our pre-loved items, but still discounted compared to traditional retailers.

Condition: Like New

  • What does that mean?: These items are 80% to 100% like new and do not have obvious stains, marks or pilling. Like New items are completely functional and do not have any major visible signs of wear. Some might even mistake them as brand new!
  • Discount: Like New items are 50% - 80% off comparable retail prices (money in your pocket)! 

Condition: Gently Used

  • What does that mean?: These items may have minor pilling, marks or stains, or general signs of wear (i.e. fading), but still have lots of life in them! Gently Used items are 65% to 85% like new and are deeply discounted!
  • Discount: Gently Used items are 60% - 85% off comparable retail prices Saving the planet and your money! 

Condition: Play Wear (Used)

  • What does that mean?: These items may have obvious signs of wear (pilling, marks or stains, major fading) and are perfect for when your little one wants to roll around in the grass or shower themselves with spaghetti sauce! Play wear items are significantly discounted.
  • Discount: Play wear items are 75-80% off comparable retail prices 


Last updated: June 2020

Note: All items are inspected by our team members who use the guidelines above to determine the condition of the items.  They search all the nooks and crannies and do their best to search for all signs of wear, but our team members are actual human beings so human error is a possibility;) If the item you receive does not match the condition indicated on our website, please email us at