Beeja May is a fast growing purpose-driven company with the mission to slow down fast fashion. We're expanding our team and looking for individuals who are passionate about making sustainable shopping more accessible and leaving our planet in a better place.  We're always looking for individuals who can grow with us and our company. 

Our Culture

We want our team to grow with us.  Working at Beeja May means you'll have the opportunity, if you choose, to experience and learn about all facets of the business. We will never discourage team members from going outside their lane! Also, as entrepreneurs and parents to a toddler, we understand the struggle to "balance" work and family. As we grow our business, we want to foster an environment where team members will work hard towards our mission, while growing professionally, but also work within a team that is understanding, compassionate and flexible.  

Office location: 9 Davies Avenue, Toronto, ON.

Current Opportunities:

Look forward to hearing from you!


Christine and Simon

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