Beeja Mail (Packaging Reuse Program)

Let's give this packaging another life! Mail us your reusable poly mailers through standard postage, and we'll send 100 Beeja Points your way (that's equivalent to $1)!
In order to receive your Beeja Points, please ensure the following:
  • Provide your full name, return address, and email address either inside or  on the envelope when sending us the poly mailer
  • The seal for the interior sticker on the poly mailer must be intact (see image below)
  • The poly mailer is still in usable condition.  Scruffs and marks are ok, but we aren't able to reuse bags with holes or rips
  • Address Beeja Mail to: 22 Leroy Avenue, Toronto ON, M4J 4G7
Additional information:
  • Beeja Points can only be credited if your full name, email address and home address is provided in or on the envelope with the poly mailer
  • We encourage you to save multiple poly mailers and send in a bunch at a time
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for the Beeja Points to appear on your account
  • Ineligible poly mailers can be recycled
  • Our poly mailers are made from recycled content and can be recycled