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DIY Costume Ideas

Posted by Christine Trinh on

It's Second Hand September and with Halloween around the corner, what better thing to chat about than some DIY baby and kid's Halloween costumes!

Here's some inspo for you - now time to thrift and get creative!

DIY Costume Halloween Baby

Find an overall dress

Find a t-shirt

Find red shoes

DIY baby costume grandma

Find a floral dress

Find a knit cardigan

Find a beanie

DIY costume baby pizza

Find a yellow long sleeve top

Find red pants

DIY costume workout baby

Find a onesie

Find bottoms

Find shoes

DIY costume cupcake baby

Find long sleeve tops

Find bottoms

Find a basic beanie

DIY costume scarecrow

Find a button down shirt

Find overalls

Find a straw hat

DIY costume baby gumball machine

Find long sleeve tops

Find bottoms

Find a basic beanie

Leave us a comment if you have other DIY costume ideas!

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